About me

 A beekeeping, dread head, from the south. I am a hippy at heart. A cool night to me is chilling with some good friends listening to good music around a bonfire, maybe drinking all night at the beach until the sun peaks up from under the thick rippling ocean, or debating with friends about who is a better MC, Kendrick or J Cole. Originally from Wilmington NC I moved to Atlanta GA to flee my comfort zone. In Atlanta I searched for something that I could use to better my community. I spent a lot of time running in circles, but finally one day it hit me.  “ I need something that is unique. What type of business would promote a positive message. What kind of business would fatten my pockets and allow me to spread my blessings to others. “ I wanted to do something that nobody was doing, in a way that nobody has done it. I begin to do research then came across beekeeping. Immediately my head started to rush with ideas and ways I could swag this industry up. My mission is not just to get more black people to into beekeeping, but  also to get my brothers, and sisters, thinking outside of the box. Do things we never thought of doing before. It’s a big world with infinite opportunities. Let’s Get It!!!   

-Ron Lennon-

CEO of Venom Honey Co.