Elixir of Gods!!!

 Mead, the drink of Kings!!!


Alcohol is almost a necessity…. To some!!! LOL, but the type of alcohol can greatly vary . Some people like to stick to beer and wind, and some want to experiment with different spirits. Regardless of your alcohol preference, here is one you wouldn’t have much heard about. I must warn though, after knowing about it, you surely would want to try it.

Mead is often confused with wine. Commonly known as honey wine, mead is made up of three things. Honey, water and yeast. It is also sometimes made with fruits, grains, spices and hops. The defining characteristic of mead is to ferment sugar from the honey. However it may still be carbonated.

The history of mead goes back thousand of years, from an African culture. From there it traveled to other parts of the world, Asia and Europe being the main parts. Having a rich history and origin, mead has some major mythologies and stories associated to it. One such example is known as mead of poetry, according to this myth the drink has the blood of wise, and whoever drinks it, becomes a poet or scholar. In medieval times, mead was part of a marriage ritual. After the wedding the bride and groom were provided enough mead to last one full moon. They were encouraged to consume this sweet wine to instill good luck in their marriage. Mead was also believed to promote fertility and virility. From that ritual and belief sprouted the term “honeymoon.”

Mead was created and discovered in Africa. The area used to have season pattern of weather, and also the area was well-known for feral bees. During the dry season bees use to rest in their hollows and in winter, the hollows use to fill with water. Water, honey, osmotolerant yeast, were the ingredients that made this drink. African traders not only use to extract honey, but also collect and carry the knowledge of mead, to be made widely known today.

Today it is not as difficult to make this drink. All you need to do is follow some simple steps.

Here are the ingredients and materials you need to brew up your first one gallon batch of mead.

If this is your first time brewing honey wine it will take you less than two hours to complete.

Materials and Ingredients list:

  • glass 1-gallon jug
  • 1 gallon of spring water
  • 3 pounds of honey
  • 1 package of yeast (Lalvin D47 recommended)
  • 1 air lock
  • 1 rubber stopper (solid)
  • 1 rubber stopper with a hole in it so you can place the airlock
  • a mixing bowl
  • Yeast energizer (white container with brown label) (1 teaspoon)
  • Yeast nutrient (white container with blue label) (1 teaspoon)

Some Notes about the materials

About the honey

Clover honey works very well but you can use almost any type of unprocessed honey and the amount of honey you use will determine the sweetness of the mead. If you want to make a dry mead you would use 2 pounds of honey and if you want to make a sweet mead you would use about 3.8 pounds of honey. For simplicity sake we are using 3 pounds of honey which will make us a medium to sweet mead.


Here you go with your perfect mead. Do try it out to have a taste!

Love and Peace!!!


Ron Lennon
CEO of Venom Honey Co.

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