10 of some of the most expensive sneakers in the world!!!

 High Kicks, Fly kicks!!!


Sneakers have always been a huge part of my life. They are comfortable and best for the people who love fashionable footwear. Sneaker-fever is not only seen in America. It is now spreading all around the world. Adidas, Nike, and other companies have launched some of the most expensive and exclusive sneakers with the unique styles and designs, which have proved to be the best selling in the market. Here is the countdown list a few of the most expensive sneakers I have found across the world.


10. Air Jordan 2 Eminem Way I am 313
These Air Jordan shoes (limited edition) are one of the best-selling sneakers and cost about $1000. It was completely sold out soon after five minutes of its launch. they resell now for about $4,300 a pair.  This particular edition has the retro design making it more unique and fashionable. Only 313 pair were produced.


9. Balmain High Top & Double Strap
These silver leathered high-tongued sneakers cost $1475. Its metallic silver appearance has made it highly selling sneakers in the market.

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8. Nike Air Foamposite Galaxy
These shoes are unique in style and give comfort to the wearer. Their worth $1800.


7. Cristian Louboutin Rantus Orlato Flat
These sneakers are in vibrant red color made up of the original red python snakeskin. Due to this it worth $1695.


3. Jimmy Choo Belgaravia High-Tops and Star Studded
These Jimmy Choo’s sneakers are stylish with embedded metallic stars. Their cost is $2350 and has leather, suede, and canvas upper body making it more stylish.


5. Nike ParaNorman Foamposite
These sneakers’ “smoke graphic display” with “glow in dark sole” have made them worth $3000.


4. Nike Dunk Low Pro SB “Paris”
The cost of these sneakers is $3500. I have seen them for up to $22,00 because they are so rare. The artwork on it is the courtesy of Bernard Buffet, a French designer, making these pair of shoes unique in design.


3. Rick Owens “GeoBasket”
These sneakers have brown iguana skin with a white leather combination making it exclusive in design. They are worth up to $5152.


2. Nike Air Mag (Back to the future shoes)
These sneakers were originally released in 2011, in the highly limited edition and were auctioned. But due to its fantastic features, it was published again in 2015, with a price tag of $6000.


1. Nike SB Flom Dunk High
These sneakers are considered fashion king due to its exclusive style. They come in the black and white base with the red and gold accent making it worth $7000.



Ron Lennon

CEO of Venom Honey Co.



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