Where are the bees???

CCD “Colony Collapse Disorder”



Bees have recently been put on the endangered list in the US. Many point fingers at CDD for the cause. This disorder is caused when the worker bees leave or vanish from their colony, leaving the young bees and the queen behind with sufficient food. Few of the nurse bees take care of the queen and immature bees, but this is not enough. Lack of healthy bees results in colony death. According to the statistical analysis, the no: of colonies lost due to the CCD is decreased during last five years. These losses were dropped from approximately 60% of hives that lost in 2008 – 31.1% of total colonies lost in 2014. There have been many theories about the factors causing CCD, but scientists are still working on it.It has been found that the pesticides, especially neonicotinoids, are more harmful to bees than other pests. Some pathogens carried by mites are also spreading disease in bees and killing them. Urbanization is also a major role player in CCD. People are cutting trees and flowers, which are the primary food source for bees. It is also causing the unexpected climatic change causing the death of plants and ultimately of bees. EPA is taking measures to avoid CCD, but what would be the world without a bee. No honey! No pollination! No plant reproduction! It is a bigger issue than most think. Love and peace!

CEO of Venom Honey Co.
Ron Lennon

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