Medical benefits of cannabis!!!

 What can cannabis do for you?

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is developed from the cannabis plant. It is most known for its recreational use. Due to its reproduction restriction by the government, it has not been tested rigorously as a medicine, although it has many medical benefits. Here are a few that I have found!



  • It can help you lose weight and manage caloric intake

  • It contributes to regulate insulin and prevent diabetes

  • Regulation of seizures is one of the high-profile findings of cannabis which is now emerging in the science.

  • Marijuana helps to stabilize mood and ease depression. It is effective for people dealing with anxiety and PTSD.

  • If a person is suffering from ADD or ADHD, don’t worry because cannabis have promising effect for treating it than other medicines like Ritalin or Adderal

  • Marijuana is also used to treat Glaucoma, as it lowers the blood pressure in eyes and reliefs the pain

  • It is now proved that cannabis can fight with different cancers and can help the patient get through chemotherapy


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