When Sneakers are Life!!!

Few Things That Sneakerheads Need To Know

Right now sneakers are as popular as they ever were, so it’s no wonder that the cultural tribe referred to as “sneakerheads” just keeps getting bigger. From Wale to Jerry Seinfield, to Ludacris and Teyana Taylor, more and more people are getting into the habit of owning more than 3 pairs, and keep looking for the next one.  

So whether you’re starting out with your sneaker craze or way past your fifth pair of Air Jordans, here are some things that sneakerheads need to know.

When did it all start?

In the late 1970’s, as the b-boy and hip hop movements became increasingly popular in New York City and other major american cities, sneakers suddenly became a fashion statement and not a regular utility-based item.

Inner-city youths started viewing their sneakers as ways to say something about themselves and their life-styles. Then the big sneaker craze happened in 1985 as Nike introduced the Air Jordans and the rest is history.

Sneakers can be an investment

When a hyped new sneaker is launched, you’ll see many people camping outside of the store, waiting massive lines only to be the first to get a new pair. But the people enduring this don’t all do it for pure fandom. Some of them do it so they can get several pairs, then turn them for a profit at the resale market.

It’s simple. When sneakers sell out in stores, or even after certain lines go out of production, their value increases significantly and they can be flipped later for much more than they were originally purchased for.

In 2014, and only on ebay, the resale market of sneakers was worth about $200 million, according to Josh Luber at www.campless.com

What’s are “Knock-Offs”

With those numbers, it’s no wonder certain people have taken on selling copies of popular sneakers. These are usually referred to as  “Knock-offs” “Unauthorized”, “Replicas” or “B-Grades”.

So if you see something like this, just know that it’s definitely not the same quality, as they are not made by the actual company that designed them. They are actually illegal to sell.

1 to Rock and 1 to Stock

Even with what the craze behind certain sneakers does to their value, remember that they are designed to wear and some are truly a pleasure to rock. That is why many sneaker-heads go  by this little “1 to rock and 1 to stock” motto.

The idea is to get a couple of pairs at a good price, wear a pair for the pleasure of it and stock the other one for future re-sale, once the value has increased. This is especially true for rare pairs.


Ron Lennon
CEO of Venom Honey Co.
Blog by: Roy Vazquez

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