Bee Removal


After bee keeping for a while you get pretty comfortable around bees.This has its advantages, because now you can start bee removal. Bee removal is when people have unwanted bees on their property, in their homes, in near by trees or where ever, and they want to pay you to get rid of them. Most of the time there is already honey being produce so you know these bees are a thriving colony.

This is for the more experience beekeeper, but if you are ready it has its perks. Bee removal lets you make money 2 ways. 1st you charge people to remove the bees. This could be something simple like capturing a swarm in a near by bush or it could be complicated like cutting out a wall. You can charge more for those jobs or if you have to get high in a tree. I would recommend getting a partner for these jobs. The 2nd way that you could make money with bee removal is with the bees. If you remove a colony, you keep the bees, and take them with you. This expands your stock for you to sell or for you to keep and produce more honey. Either way this way to make money beekeeping is a win win! Lets get it!!!


Ron Lennon

CEO of Venom Honey Co.


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