Beekeeping Equipment

What equipment do you need to start beekeeping?



  1. PPE (personal protection equipment)

one of the first things you will need when just starting out is PPE. You will need a bee suit and gloves. Do the best you can to not get stung. I know this is one of the biggest fears for people who are just starting with beekeeping. It is probably one of the main reasons a lot of people of color do not to look at beekeeping as an option period.

  • Hat and veil – Hat and veil are essential for beginner beekeepers. Bees have sensors in their antennas that can sense CO2. This lets them know where to sting to protect their hive, so it is important to guard your face. This is said to protect them from bears. Have you ever heard the saying that bees can sense fear? Well this is where that saying comes from. When you are afraid your breathing picks up and they can since the CO2 when you exhale.

  • Beekeeping suit – I recommend beginners get one of these. You need at least the jacket until you get use to your bees. This protects the rest of your body from bee stings.

  • Gloves – Gloves are self-explanatory. They protect your hands from the bees. This is usually the first piece of PPE that is shed as you become more experienced. It is a lot easier to maintenance your hives with no gloves but keep your gloves on until you feel confident that you’re ok to take them off.

  1. Tools

There are a few tools that you need to begin beekeeping. They just make things a little easier on the beekeeper.

  • Hive tool – Bees love to glue everything together with Propolis. Propolis is a glue like substance that the bees use to close any spaces in their hive. When maintaining a hive you will need a hive tool to separate the frames and to help you pull them out. It is an essential tool regardless your experience.

  • Smoker – This may be the most known beekeeping tool out there. It is the tool that shoots smoke in the hive, making the bees calm and letting you get in the hive. You can burn smoker pellets or you can just use dried pine straw or leaves to start your smoker. When the bees sense smoke, they think that the forest is on fire. They go in to survival mode and eat all the honey that they can. Have you ever ate Thanks Giving dinner, and get so lazy you can barely move. Well the same thing happens to the bees. They become very peaceful and let you do your thing.

  • Bee Brush – The bee brush is a great tool especially when it is time to harvest the honey. It is used to brush the bees off of the comb. You could also use it to brush bees during a swarm removal.

  1. Education

You may want to do some research, read a few books, and/or watch a few DVDs on beekeeping before you start. This will help you not make as many mistakes. Knowledge is power but don’t spent too much time researching. You have to get your hands dirty and make a few mistakes to get the real experience.

Price list ( all things Brand New)

  • Hat and veil = $35

  • Beekeeping sui t= $150

  • Beekeeping Jacket & veil = $70

  • Gloves = $20

  • Hive tool = $8 to $20

  • Smoker = $40

  • Bee brush =$8

  • Beekeeping Kit ( with all things) =$100



All Prices I have listed are approximate and overestimated for your convenience. You could probably find it for cheaper if you look. Also you could get it used which would be even cheaper.


-Ron Lennon-
CEO of Venom Honey Co.

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