Gateway Drug!!!


Beekeeping Is a gateway drug to other outdoor things like gardening and farming. I am not a very outdoorsy person. I tell my friends that me and nature are not at one all the time. I was the type that would rather be in the house in AC then out in the sun on a nice day. Keeping bees has opened my mind to all kinds of outdoors things. I am trying to become one with nature now. I started looking into gardening. I figured, if I was going to keep bees, I have to help my bees by planting some things that they like. With that being said though, I wanted to benefit from the plants to. Why Not? So I plant things that I can
benefit from as well like lavender. Bees love lavender but it can also be sold. I can dry it and sale it for arrangements, or be ingested as a herb in teas, or honey. It is also great for aroma therapy. I also started looking into growing herbs and vegetables like mint, thyme, even tomatoes or cucumbers. These are things that you can start off small right in the window of your apartment or condo. It made me want to be more self-efficient so I begin to think, “How hard would it be to keep a few chickens in my back yard”. I haven’t made that move yet, but the point is that this is my thought pattern now. Who knows where it will lead you. Let the bees take you over. Love and Peace!!!

-Ron Lennon-

CEO of Venom Honey Co.


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